What in 2.0?

We've removed Revolution jQuery Slideand replaced it with Revolution Slider Magento Extension. So you'll have to build your slides again. But now you have complete admin panel instead of a single text-area and can add revolution slider to any page.

Added support for latest magento versions. (,,, Theme now supports configurable swatches

Reworked Responsiveness - Reworked header on devices, block are now the same width on devices, inputs are full width, two products in a row on product listing and so on.

Fixed tons of css crap and added many minor improvements such as +/- buttons for qty, fontawesome, styles for responsive video and so on.

Improved fonts - Paddings, letter spacing etc all over the theme.

Typography page and elements - Improved padding, add content wraps, blockquotes, pre, 2 table styles.

Added AheadWorks Blog support

Added New Contacts page designs.